Be a HUMAN, become a HUSBAND later.


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No matter if Indian law gives the leverage to any man of over the age of 21 to get married, it does not make one comprehend what relations are and essentially, what they most certainly, are not, at this age. More importantly it is a journey, too long enough to be started without understanding a few things, suggested by many good human beings, from time to time, before you choose to get married.


There are subtler and even better ways for advancing your requests. However, regardless of the fact that the young lady’s family appears agreeable and ready to camouflage the endowment, as “blessings” for the purpose of their girl, you must stand firm against dowry, and make it stop.

IMG_20141106_004808It is inconceivable for most Indian men, to acknowledge the wife’s past relationships, no matter how sexually-dynamic Olympians themselves they are, virginity still is a major ordeal for most men, imagining to get married. It is your heart, soul and the brain that need a match, not your ego and/or pride.

IMG_20141106_004837‘Baratis’ in India, too would proudly eat and accept gifts and, the lady’s guardians would bear all the costs on the wedding day; in lights of the wedding they don’t owe you an extravagant event to brag about. Share the costs or at least settle in for a situation that both the families can manage.

IMG_20141106_004922                       Be a man who is youthful, independent, who wouldn’t look for his guardian’s monetary help, should much rather select in for a plain, moderate wedding and spare whatever remains of the cash for your own future experiences rather than spending a fortune on the wedding event and lamenting later.

IMG_20141106_004854It still trends, and rooted deep in our culture yet it is highly unreasonable of you as a man to ask the wife to change her second name after marriage. She has feelings linked to that name and it is an important part of her personality. The practice by no means makes her more devoted, as a wife.

IMG_20141106_004822Guarantee her an equivalent measure of time with her guardians as well and occasionally move in with her guardians for small periods for post wedding she is going to live with you for whatever remains of her life. Be that change, needed frantically by the general public.

IMG_20141106_011407You need to invest equivalent exertion to make the marriage work. Impart faith by helping her with the family, daily chores. Obligation of caring for the house is as much of your as it is hers. Doing the dishes or getting some basic supplies or cleaning the house wouldn’t make you of any lesser degree a man.

IMG_20141106_004746Get married, not just to have babies, wedding for the wrong reasons can demolish many lives- yours, your wife’s, your folks’ and all the
more critically, your children. Have kids at a time whenever she feels like. She still is a person who has each right to have her own particular decisions in life.

IMG_20141106_004947It is a disgrace that something as pervasive as conjugal assault in our nation isn’t culpable under the law yet. Vow before you wed, to never abuse her in any way possible. You are not over her in any capacity to have control over her.


She may not take care of your family like your mother may have or still been doing and she may not be the family cook yet it is splendidly fine. She has the right, so gets to choose whether she needs to be a homemaker or not. Any relation is established upon, something as fundamental as common appreciation between two individuals.

Issues like women empowerment are getting bigger in stature and that the issues getting bigger in size  only means that we are still progressing (towards the problem) and have not yet reached the peak of the problem and it is dangerous.



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